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OutSport Toronto Welcomes the Riverdale Curling League and the Toronto Gay Sailing Club

Riverdale Curling LeagueOUTSPORT TORONTO is pleased to welcome the Riverdale Curling League and the Toronto Gay Sailing Club as new members.  Both organisations were approved for membership at OUTSPORT TORONTO's 23 July 2013 board meeting.

Toronto Gay Sailing Club"We're delighted to have both Riverdale Curling League and Toronto Gay Sailing Club and join OUTSPORT TORONTO," said James Scott, Director of Membership and Member Services.  "Riverdale Curling League is celebrating 30 years of creating safe and welcoming spaces for everyone to curl.  And it's really great that we now have an LGBT sailing club that we can promote to encourage health and wellness."

"I'm thrilled that both Riverdale Curling and Toronto Gay Sailing are now part of our LGBT sport and rec family," commented OUTSPORT TORONTO's Chair Shawn Sheridan.  "And, being a sailor, I'm particularly ecstatic that Toronto Gay Sailing Club has formed and become a member!  In fact, I've already joined!"

For more information on the Riverdale Curling League, click here.  For more information on the Toronto Gay Sailing Club, click here.


Thank you OutSport for

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Thank you OutSport for welcoming the Toronto Gay Sailing Club!