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Notify Us of Changes

It's important that OUTSPORT TORONTO maintains an accurate record of its member organisations' boards and nominees.  The nominee that we have on file is the only person who can vote on behalf of a member organisation.

Changes in Nominee

If your organisation chooses to change its nominee to OUTSPORT TORONTO at any time other than when renewing your membership, please use the form below.  As soon as we receive it, we will process it, and your nominee will be changed.

Chages in Your Governing Body

Your board / collective / executive / steering committee may change its composition during the year, generally with the election of a new governing body at your AGM, or through other events that may occur throughout the year.  Part of OUTSPORT TORONTO's mandate from you, our member organisations, is to help break down communication silos, and keep everyone aware of what is going on in LGBT Sport and Rec in the GTA and with each other.  We do so by maintaining an up-to-date list of those on your governing body along with their eMail address, letting us send information out to your entire organisation's governing body.  This makes sure we do not have only one point of contact, which limits the effectiveness of our communications.

If your governing body has changed during the year, please ensure your nominee eMails with an updated list of who is now on your governing body, along with their eMail addresses so we may update our records.  You may with to use the second page of the registration / re-registration form for this purpose, which you can find here.

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